studio and techniques

1995 - 2021

Since the time of Near Eastern Antiquity, across the great stages of civilization and troughout the world, the manufacture of glass has born witness to the lasting ideal of beauty in the heart of man, which is inscribed in this "living" material - glass. A material bearing the imprint of Humanity thanks to the glass - makers art, which is a craft in the most noble sense of the world.

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hot glass casting_preparing the mold hot glass casting_taking hot glass out of blowing kiln hot glass casting_pouring a hot glass hot glass casting_removing glass from the mold for annealing hot glass casting_using a gas flame
hot glass casting_crucible hot glass casting_prepation of mold in sand hot glass casting_kiln hot glass casting_pouring hot glass into a sand mold hot glass casting_cutting glass flow
hot glass casting_pouring hot glass over a wooden form hot glass casting_glass and wood hot glass casting_removing glass from the mold hot glass casting_placing glass for annealing hot glass casting_night casting show